Check your entire site with one click

Check links & dependencies Validate html 5, xhtml & 4.01 Check SEO for each keyword
Check spelling Validate css plus 14 other essential checks

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“Simple, fast, and thorough, DeepTrawl is a powerful tool”

- Ian Harac, PC World.

No error left unfound

Check every part of your site with DeepTrawl - your trusted error-spotting wingman.
Leave your visitors to concentrate on what’s important: the information you’re sharing.

Find annoying broken links and dependencies
like images, css, js & font files.
Identify Credit card & social security
numbers, profanity and old copyright
Spelling errors;
never let a typo through.
Missing analytics code;
make sure every page is tracked.
Many more checks included & add your own using
basic search terms or regular expressions.

“Although the options are sophisticated, it's the app's
speed and simplicity that impress us most.”

- Jolie O'Dell,

Validate everything

Make sure your site works with every browser now and in the future.
We’ve integrated lightning fast, super-accurate validators developed by the w3c.

The html validator checks every page is html 5, xhtml, or html 4.01 compliant.
The css validator checks adherence to css 3, 2 or 1 standards in inline, external and internal style sheets.

Remember how you used to worry about compatibility?

“A worthy adversary for solving on-site issues.”

- Russ Jones,

SEO without the snake oil

Authorities like Google & agree on how good quality on-site seo should
work. But if you have 20 or even hundreds of keywords you want to rank for, how can you quickly
check there’s a page optimized page for each one?

DeepTrawl solves this headache. Enter your keywords and it analyses every page to make
sure one is perfectly optimized. If there’s no exact match, it’ll suggest pages that are close
and tell you exactly what you need to fix.

Everything is easy, in every step

You already know how to use DeepTrawl. Everything is easy, right
from choosing the checks to fixing each error. No complicated setup.
Just enter your site’s address, choose your checks and click go.

Each page is shown with all the issues underneath. Now you can see
every error in your whole site, all at once. With a click the html editor shows
you the errors in context, ready to be fixed. Exported reports are branded to
your look and feel ready to share with colleagues and customers.


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